The social media giant Facebook on Wednesday 30 Jan ’13 announced that mobile advertising revenues grow up by 23% in the Q4 2012.

At its Q4 2012 earnings press conference, Facebook reported gains in its advertising business of 41 percent over Q4 2011 to total $1.3 billion, or 84 percent of total revenue. Of that, 23 percent was mobile ad revenue, up from 14 percent the previous quarter.

“Today there is no argument: Facebook is a mobile company,” said CEO Mark Zuckerberg on the earnings call, pointing out that a year ago those revenues were zero percent.

Overall, Facebook beat analyst expectations with total revenues of $1.585 billion in the fourth quarter, which also includes payments and other fees. Net income was up year on year for the quarter to $548 million, compared to $523 million in the fourth quarter the previous year.


share medium Mobille ad revenue of Facebook increased by 23% in Q4 2012