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Foursquare launched a new app – Foursquare for Business companion

Foursquare has launched a new app known as Foursquare for Business companion, business managers can create a Foursquare update and easily cross-post it to Facebook and Twitter at the same time. The app can also used to see recent check-ins, turn specials on and off, and look at business data. It’s a fast and easy way to make sure your customers get the latest news on your business.

Either you manage 1 business or lot of locations around town, use Foursquare for Business to stay in touch with your customers and let them know what’s happening. The Foursquare for Business app is currently available on iPhone and Android.

To use the app, just claim your locations on Foursquare. Visit business.foursquare.com to get started.

Source: http://blog.foursquare.com/2013/01/29/manage-a-business-on-foursquare-download-our-new-app-to-easily-connect-with-customers-right-from-your-phone/


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Facebook announces New Graph Search – a Smarter Search Engine

Today at Facebook HQ, founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the “Graph Search” —a new way to navigate the facebook connections and search within your social graph for specifics. Graph Search is launched with a limited preview, or beta.

Find @ www.facebook.com/graphsearch

Graph Search will appear as a bigger search bar at the top of each page. When you search for something, that search not only determines the set of results you get, but also serves as a title for the page.

The beta version of Graph Search focuses on four main areas i.e. people, photos, places, and interests.

People: “friends who live in my city,” “people from my hometown who like hiking,” “friends of friends who have been to Yosemite National Park,” “software engineers who live in San Francisco and like skiing,” “people who like things I like,” “people who like tennis and live nearby”

Photos: “photos I like,” “photos of my family,” “photos of my friends before 1999,” “photos of my friends taken in New York,” “photos of the Eiffel Tower”

 Places: “restaurants in San Francisco,” “cities visited by my family,” “Indian restaurants liked by my friends from India,” “tourist attractions in Italy visited by my friends,” “restaurants in New York liked by chefs,” “countries my friends have visited”

Interests: “music my friends like,” “movies liked by people who like movies I like,” “languages my friends speak,” “strategy games played by friends of my friends,” “movies liked by people who are film directors,” “books read by CEOs”

Source: newsroom.fb.com/News/562/Introducing-Graph-Search-Beta

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