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New Year 2013 in India | Shame or Celebration

shame 150x150 New Year 2013 in India | Shame or Celebration

People wants to celebrate New year to enjoy a new beginning with fun and entertainment  but on this new year in India common people heart is filled with sorrow and anger, this is the biggest shame for our government because their country people can’t welcome 2013 with happiness. And even people don’t want to celebrate the New Year because their govt. doesn’t want to make law to make them feel secure and enjoy their life, even they don’t have rights to ask for justice. Simply everybody is thinking that we are living in “BANANA REPUBLIC” who can’t do anything for their Peoples and don’t have any LAW for such animals and can do only one thing that is hike in prices in fuel, food, gas, etc.

So what’s good in this New Year, we lost so many celebrities in 2012 and at the end of year we lost respect too by shameful case i.e. the brutal rape of an innocent girl which cause to her death. This is not the time to celebrate New Year; this is the time to feel “New Year” with sorrow and shame.  As per the govt. data in the 2012 there were 44, 32,000 cases register for major crimes and 76% for rape. So where we are going and every New Year what we have to give our future… as per the 2011 crime analysis crime increased by 41% in 2012. It is the biggest hike in such kind of manner and our govt. is still thinking about LAW. Now this the time to do something for our country not for celebrating new year or India-Pak cricket match this time we have to decide that what we want for our future new year with same cases of sorrow and shame which we have this year or secured and fearless country.

So now it depends on us that what we want from Govt. and our self too and in which formation we want to see our Nation “BANANA REPUBLIC” or a real “INDIAN REPUBLIC”. Every year we all takes our new year  resolution like we quit from this bad habit and that habit and we would do this thing and that thing but at this year we all have to do a Resolution that we have to work for our Nation and have to fight for “INDIAN REPUBLIC”

So for this and the next to next new year’s my resolution is to make my country Happy and crime free Are You with me………




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New Delhi Rape Case | Does capital punishment to rapist is a solution?

New Delhi Gang Rape 150x150 New Delhi Rape Case | Does capital punishment to rapist is a solution?

The brutal gang-rape of a 23 year old young woman by 6 sadists in New Delhi, the capital of India had ignited common public anger across the country, thousands of young and old people has came out on city streets protesting against government system failure to ensure women’s safety and security. Everybody is asking for the capital punishment for the accused and hang them publicly. And they really deserve this.

But the most important question is that; will capital punishment is going to stop sexual violence against women in India?

In India, where most of the rape cases are not even reported to police due to threatening or social causes! Does the capital punishment is going to threaten any moron to do these uncivilized things.

The answer is simple-‘No

Just not because of corrupt police official, weak administrative system or lack of political interest.

We the so called ‘common Indian people’ are responsible for this; we so readily accept the things as our fate or bad luck.

What’s happening for last four day is just public hysteria which is going to end in a week or two. Nobody is going to remember the poor girl, who is going to suffer his whole life if she survives.

All the angry Facebook updates will get stop in few days and we will found some new news to keep us busy.

I ask you a simple question; What if such thing happens to you or your near and dear one, what will make you happy?

A capital punishment to accused


A society where such things should have not happened

I will definitely go with second option.

To build such a society is not a one day job; it’s going to require lot of efforts, education, willingness and nonstop demands just not these mere forgettable protests and aggression.

Pls. give your opinion regarding same!

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